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Do I Need a Lawyer?
First Ask Yourself 5 Questions

If you answer any of the following questions yes you need to dig further to determine whether you really need a lawyer.
1. Is my liberty at stake - can I go to jail?
2. Is my property at stake - can I lose my property?
3. Is my money at stake - can I lose my money?
4. Is the same true for any family member?
5. Is my job at stake - can I lose my job or employment?

Each one of these subject matters require a separate analysis and you should consult further guides before you conclude that you need or do not need a lawyer.

Many people think that anything involving the law, the legal system or the courts requires a lawyer. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the other hand you need to be careful to determine if you really need a lawyer and if you do make sure you get a good one.

by Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt (Ret.) - November 29,2008

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