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What It Takes


Lastly, another way to deceive oneself is to believe that success will be easy or come without the requisite labor. If that were true, everyone would succeed at everything.


Real success always comes at a price. “What’s holding back most people from reaching their potential?” asks the American Success Institute in their empowerment series, Master Small Business. “Well, underachieving can be a very comfortable cocoon.”


“Most people find an acceptable reason for [playing it] safe. … This sounds perfectly normal and agreeable. Others will agree. No one will blame you.” The Institute adds, “Did anyone call you a loser yesterday? Of course not. So relax, no one is going to push you to excel today or tomorrow either.”


Former Chicago Bears middle linebacker Mike Singletary earned a slot in the Hall of Fame, registering the most or the second most tackles on his team for each of his twelve years in the league. Coming in at 6 foot nothing, weighing a modest 230 pounds with only so-so speed, Singletary was arguably lucky to even earn a roster spot on an NFL team, let alone carry on to lead one of the most stellar careers in league history. His story should be required reading for anyone looking to understand achievement.


Mike Singletary accomplished his achievements on pure heart and ravenous desire. No one studied or prepared more for game day than Singletary and in his book, the hall of famer spells out the sacrifices required to succeed at the NFL – or any other worthy cause.


“If you think it will be easy, you won't succeed. If you need things to fall into place for you, you'll fail. If you're counting on luck or breaks or fortune, it won't happen. If you think you can get something for nothing, you're mistaken. No, it isn't easy, it isn't common. But the prize is right there on the shelf. The price tag is on it. Are you willing, or are you content to just dream.”

  ---  Mike Singletary, Singletary On Singletary

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